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Videos & Graphics


Oct 22, 2013 Pagoda Palace Theatre interior shots


Sept 7, 2013 Pagoda demolition - other big wall comes down

Keith Breitbach

The concrete wall at the back northwest corner of the site fell Saturday morning - this video was shot from Keith Breitbach's back porch and shows the resulting dust cloud.

Sept 6, 2013 Pagoda demolition - big wall comes down

Richard Slota

The concrete wall was at the back southwest corner of the site and about 50 feet high. There was a possibility of the wall falling the wrong way, into the neighboring buildings at the rear. But the orange Jaws operator, Larry from Kroeker Co. in Fresno, dropped it right on target.

Aug 2013 Pagoda demolition from behind the site

Keith Breitbach, August 2013 (QuickTime format)

May 20: Will this be North Beach if the Pagoda Big Dig starts?

YouTube: North Beach after Big Dig starts??

May 17: North Beach folks on the Pagoda Big Dig and its effects on the area

Speakers: June Osterberg, Howard Wong, Nadya Williams, Winston Smith

YouTube: Mock funeral for North Beach small businesses

Story & photos

Video of No Dig speakers at City meetings

Click here for City video archives For each date, click on "Video", then click the '>' play icons to start the video.

  • June 18, 2013 Muni Board meeting: scan ahead to first speaker at 21:35. Speakers on agenda item 9, Public Comment: Michael Barrett (21:35), Lance Carnes (23:21), Philippa Colborne (25:39), Sarah Colborne (26:27), Joan Wood (33:25).
  • June 4, 2013 Muni Board meeting: scan ahead to first speaker at 23:48. Speakers on agenda item 9, Public Comment: Lucia Gonnella (23:48), Lance Carnes (27:27), Michael Barrett (29:43), Stewart Bloom (31:08), Greg Gieber (32:38), June Osterberg (39:02), Howard Wong (42:58), Annette Brown (48:18).
  • May 21, 2013 Muni Board meeting: scan ahead to 27:25 for Lance Carnes, Joan Wood speaking in agenda item 9: Public Comment; scan ahead to 1:02:30 for Lance Carnes and 1:06:19 for Howard Wong speaking in item 11: Award of 4-station $840 million contract.
The SFMTA Board voted unanimously to accept the Tutor Perini Corporation bid.

Pagoda photo

Pagoda blade sign (photo by Winston Smith, late 1990's, 12.6MB)


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