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Circulator Bus for northeast SF

Sample Northeast SF Circulator Route

 Preliminary route map View interactive map.


Circulator Buses around the US serving city businesses

 Oakland FreeB Broadway Shuttle  Baltimore Charm City Circulator
Oakland FreeB Broadway Shuttle
Free bus connecting transit centers with local businesses
Baltimore Charm City Circulator
Free bus connecting transit centers with local businesses
 Mission Bay Shuttle  SF Future Circulator
San Francisco Mission Bay Shuttle
Free bus connecting transit centers with local businesses
San Francisco Northeast Circulator?
Free bus connecting transit centers with local businesses
in Fisherman's Wharf, North Beach, Financial District?

General thoughts

  • The Circulator would bring people to commercial areas and to their workplace, linking BART stations, Financial District, Union Square, Chinatown, North Beach and Fisherman's Wharf.
    • Some key points from a 2008 article about planning a Circulator in Washington DC:
      • Make the bus frequent.
      • Provide real-time schedule information.
      • Make it commerce-oriented.
        "... consideration of stops at other neighborhood destinations like the Safeway muddy the purpose of this bus, which is clearly to primarily transport visitors from elsewhere in DC and the region to and from our businesses."
    • Circulator buses in other US cities.
      "Baltimore's new transit network, which supplements the city's metro rail, light rail, commuter rail, and bus routes, is the most recent example of a trend that has taken American cities by storm: The creation of auxiliary routes for the inner-city that are designed for frequent, high-quality service with the goal of attracting onto buses people who aren't used to public transportation."
  • It would be free and available to everyone. Residents could use it as well though routes will favor merchant locations and not necessarily resident conveniences.
  • Possible funding sources: employer transit mandates, advertizing, Bay Area Air Quality District grants and other City and County grants.

Existing SF and Bay Area Shuttle Services

Researched and compiled by Howard Wong.

Mission Bay Transportation Management Association is a non-profit organization committed to maximizing access and mobility to, from, and within the Mission Bay development area. We strive to accomplish this through efficiently managing travel demand through strategies which discourage single-occupant vehicle (SOV) trips and otherwise lessen the carbon footprint created by commute patterns.
  • Emeryville: Emery Go-Round - Two multi-city shuttle lines that connect desirable destinations, regional BART/ Amtrak/ AC Transit, Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville, Ikea Store, Trader Joes, Bay Street Shop and more. Schedule & maps, The "Emery Go Round" radio news story.
    Free - run by non-profit Emeryville Transportation Management Association.
    Funding: by local property owners.
Emery Go-Round is a service of the Emeryville Transportation Management Association, a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to increase access and mobility to, from and within Emeryville while alleviating congestion through operation of the shuttle program.
  • San Mateo County: SamTrans Shuttles: Connect BART to major employment areas.
    Free - Run by SamTrans (San Mateo County Transit District)
    Funding: SamTrans funds the shuttles with assistance from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and participating employers.
  • Caltrain: Shuttles between Caltrain stations and work areas in counties served by Caltrain (San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara).
    Most shuttles are Free and open to the public, some require employer or other passes.
    Funding: Employer Shuttles are funded by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Transportation Fund for Clean Air, the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board, The Transportation Authority and participating employers.

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