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Improving Neighborhoods

A city is dying when it has an eye for real estate values but no heart for personal values,
When it has an understanding of traffic flow but no concern about the flow of human beings,
When we have competence in building but little time for ethical codes,
When human values are absent at the heart of the decision-making and planning and governing of a city
— it is dead and all that is left is decay.
(The Best of Herb Caen 1960-1975, Chronicle Books 1991, p.37)


El Barrio Tours film and US tour, July 2014

El Barrio Tours: USA writes:

After months of screening El Barrio Tours: Gentrification in East Harlem all across New York City, we raised 12k from 220 people from all across the world to take the award-winning film across the US and to create a series of shorts profiling gentrification nationwide.
We're 1/3rd the way through our nationwide tour We are still fundraising. If you'd like to support: Click here.

July 2014 The myth of the poor SF landlord

Finally, the myth of the poor landlord is exposed, Tim Redmond, 48 Hills, July 5, 2014.

SF landlords aren't aren’t poor, or oppressed, or suffering — they're making a killing without doing much.

July 2014: Stop Eviction, The Anti-Speculation Tax

In November San Franciscans will have the opportunity to scale back the real estate speculation in apartments that is driving up rents and evictions across the city.

More on Anti-Speculation tax
More on Anti-Speculation tax from SFADC SF Anti-Displacement Coalition.
The ballot measure language

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